Jean-Baptiste Minvielle


User Experience Designer

Who I am

Since I've been in contact with computers and networks all I want is to understand how it works and how to be part of it.

Self learning and higher education gave me the opportunity to improve my skills into this field. After a time concentrating on technical matters, I'm now concerned about making the place as useful and easy as possible.

Where I've been

  • Kirk's logo

    Kirk is a web agency specialized in strategy and user experience for tools, websites and apps. I pilot user tests and design interfaces according to the research phase results.

  • Testapic's logo

    Testapic is a remote usability testing service. During my 6 months internship, I have conducted tests in order to improve user experience for clients.

  • Procheo's logo

    Prochéo was a 4 years old startup in Paris that creates apps for retail stores, now bought by "1000 Merci" Group. I worked in as a creative coder for 15 months.

  • Hétic's logo

    Hetic is a five-year program school in Paris. They teach us digital creation, technologies, business management.

Detailed journey


Hetic illustration photo

Hétic (Septembre 2012 to June 2015)

Located in Paris, Hétic is a five-year school specialized in web topics: design, technologies, business. It's a project driven formation which encourages us to be curious and multi-skilled, while providing tools in a way to specialize ourselves. Most courses are taught by professionals.
I joined it directly at the beginning of the third year. Visit their site (fr)

DUT Service et Réseau de communication (2009 to 2011)

This two-year technical degree is a mix of lecture courses and related pratical works. The formation covers several web-related jobs such as network administrator or graphic designer. More information (fr)

Lycée Duplessis Mornay (2006 to 2009)

Baccalaureate with scientific stream and arts option.


Kirk illustration photo

Kirk (since january 2015)

I'm currently working at Kirk for a full year internship. This agency design tools, websites and apps, and use design thinking and User Experience to improve quality of products.

My mission inside the agency involve : making assumptions and confronting them to the users, with the appropriate method (usability tests, guerrila testing, etc.), then analysing restults and design, with the rest of the UI team, in line with user expectations. See their site (fr)

Testapic illustration photo

Testapic (july to december 2014)

I worked at Testapic for a 6 months internship. This service provide remote usability tests with a targeted panel of testors. I conduct usability tests and output recommandations, including graphic wireframes. My mission also includes redaction and translation to feed the blog. See their site (fr)

Smart Agence illustration photo

Smart Agence (july to october 2013)

I've done my Hétic's third year internship at Smart Agence, a web agency specialized in corporate communication. I worked among the UX team, about user interface and functional matters. See their site (fr)

Prochéo illustration photo

Prochéo (april 2011 to july 2012)

I joined Prochéo at its beginning, as a creative developer. This four years old startup is working on solutions to manage terminals in retail stores, as cross-canal strategies. I worked on the core system for delivering content and user data synchronization. Learn about their turnkey solution (en) or visit their corporate site (fr).

Restaurant (summer 2010)

I know how to cook crêpes.

Ignis communication (april 2006)

Observation internship in a web agency from Saumur, in the Loire Valley.


scouting illustration photo

Scout Leader (since sept 2010)

As a member of this wordwilde movement, I have been educating boys and girls from 7 to 18 as part of the french association "Scouts et Guides de France".
In this context, I organised activities and summer camps. This implies managing team, formulating budget and write educational purpose.
Since 2014, I conduct communication projects for the association, building with team nice videos.



Below is gathered a selection of various projects from different sources. Please use the filters if you're not interested in all of them.

  • project icon

    Works at Kirk

    UX strategy and research. UI. Available on request.

    #ux #stategy
  • project icon

    Business plan during Hétic last year

    The result of 6 month of entrepreneurship work.

    #ux #stategy
  • project icon

    Works at Testapic

    UX recommandations. Available on request.

  • project icon

    Works at Smart Agence

    User interfaces, wireframes. Available on request.

    #ux #graphic
  • project icon

    UX recommendation for Locat'me

    Client was a new startup called Locat'me, which connects house owners and tenants.

  • project icon

    Conspiracy blog

    Design exam: Conspiracy Blog redesign.

    #ux #graphic
  • project icon

    Kids' Tales

    Webdesign of a website for youths (responsive).

    #ux #graphic #frontdev
  • project icon

    Culinary experience

    Class project of a dematerialized restaurant menu about emotions.

    #ux #backdev
  • project icon

    L'étudiant Trendly homepage

    Pixel art redesign.

  • project icon

    Orsay Station

    Work in class inspired from Steve Shanabruch work.